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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
CPU 80th anniversary

Central Police University (CPU) is the highest police education institution in Taiwan. On September 1, 2016, CPU’s 80th anniversary ceremony was presided over by Minister of the Interior, Yeh Jiunn-rong, with 2000 attendees including specialist of forensic science, Dr. Henry C. Lee, dignitaries from various fields, CPU faculty and students. The 80th birthday of “CPU 80th, Security Monolith” was celebrated with the 8 layer cake and soda. Series of activities such as, “International Seminars of Crime Investigation and Forensic Science”, “Exhibition of Teaching Results”, “Arts Exhibition”, “Commendation of 13th Distinguished Alumni and Activities of Experience Sharing”, “School Fairs”, and the publication of “School History” were held.

CPU cultivates personnel in the field of police, firefighting, immigration, coast guard and corrections, which fostered lots of distinguished alumni. For example, Chief of Tainan City Police Department, Huang Zong Ren, Deputy director of Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, Qiu Hong Ji, Deputy Director of Coast Guard Agency, Wang Mao Sheng and Secretary of National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Feng Jun Yi are outstanding in various fields, which reflects the results of multi-education of CPU. Especially, three of the five directors of the agencies of Ministry of Interior are from CPU. They are good models for the future generation.

During his speech of the 80th anniversary, Minister Yeh emphasized that two recent social cases, Taiwan Railway explosion and First Bank ATM robbery, were perfectly solved by police, which shows the combination of various professions of police and teamwork. According to a recent research of National Chung Chen University, police public safety satisfaction has reached a record high and also a recent public poll made by TVBS in August shows that around 70% are satisfied. This is the approval from the public, which lets us know how important it is to prepare ourselves and think highly of our roles in normal times. Only when we lay a solid foundation in each corner and each section, we can do our best while facing the critical moments.

At the same time Minister Yeh hopes the police can to utilize their wisdom, persistence, fearlessness, innovation and concern to promote a policing blueprint of “Technology”, “Safeguard”, “Justice”, “Quality Image” and “consideration”. At last, Minister Yeh said that CPU’s slogan of “CPU 80th, security monolith” that was hanged in both sides of the administration building has a deep implication. It symbolizes that CPU has nurtured uncountable public cadres in the past 80 years to create a peaceful ambient in the society. And they established a monolith of social stable development.

CPU invited the famous forensic specialist, Dr. Henry C. Lee, and 13 other outstanding alumni to share their life experience to the students. By the sharing of the alumni’s precious experience, a direct line of succession of CPU will never be terminated. CPU held “International Seminars of Crime Investigation and Forensic Science” in accompany with Taiwan Academic of Forensic Sciences and The Henry C.Lee Forensic Science Foundation in the new Science Building on Sep 1 and 2.

Guests include Chief of the College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University, Doctor Phillip Lyons, distinguished alumni, Dr. Henry C. Lee, Professor Ray H. Liu, and specialists from USA, Hong Kong, Israel, Norway and Japan. In total of 65 academic research articles, in which include 40 oral presentations and 25 poster presentations. This represents that Taiwan has a great result in the study and the practice of crime investigation and forensic sciences. At the same day, CPU established a “Doctor Henry C. Lee Gallery” on the second basement of the World Police Museum. It shows Doctor Henry’s life and his remarkable event. Since he is a well-known international scientist of forensic science, the gallery serves as an exceptional model to the new generations.

Moreover, anniversary celebration includes “Arts Exhibition of Famous Artists” activities were taken place in the “Campus Gallery”, which includes famous artists such as, Lin Chang De, Liu Ren Yu, Cheng Dai Le, Chen Shi Hou, Xiao Shi Qiong, Zhang Jin Yong, Bai Feng Zhong, Chen Yong Mo. Each artist provides 10 masterpieces, in total of 80 pieces in the exhibition, which could have a consistency with the 80th anniversary. Since the 2014 inauguration, President Tiao felt that art possesses a certain importance to law enforcement personnel. Art also cultivates the interior temperament and the soul of the students and faculties by constructing the esthetic education to inspire people with a higher passion in life and job. What follows are some deep concern of our surroundings in this land. President Tiao believes that only when there is beauty in your heart, you can serve the public with sincerely passion.

President Tiao led the students and entire faculties to release colorful balloons in the morning on September 2nd to begin the school fairs of 80th anniversary. Forensic Science Building, Library and the World Police Museum and Henry C. Lee Gallery were open. Virtual shooting field was open to the public as well. A series of activities such as, searching for drugs by Police Dog Unit, rescue drills, Special Forces performance, ladder truck experience and mounted police, were taken place in the flag field, were also very impressive.

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