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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Keynote Speech of Wu Jin-lin “The Concept and Attitude of Civil Servant”

CPU invited the President of the Examination Yuan, Wu Jin-lin, to deliver a talk on “The Concept and Attitude of Civil Servant”.

The speaker of the lecture is the President of the Examination Yuan, President Wu, who has rich experience to server as government employee. He was the Secretary-General of the Taiwan Provincial Assembly, the Secretary-General of the Examination Yuan, the sixth Legislator of Legislative Yuan, the Deputy Secretary-General of the KMT, the Secretary-General of the Office of the President, and the Vice President of the Examination Yuan. He had been awarded 1st Class Examinations and Personnel Administration Medal and 1st Class Merit Medal by Examination Yuan and been conferred Order of Brilliant Star with Special Grand Cordon by the President of the ROC. These are the best honor of government employee life.

President Wu started his career from a file officer of the Taipei Government to a political appointee. Therefore, he has a profound understanding about the concept and the attitude that a civil servant should have. President Wu first shared his witty yet thought-provoking stories of his daily life. Then he talked about the teachings of the mentors and the elders of the public authorities when he was a student. Finally, he added his personal experiences, understandings and thoughts. President Wu shared his feelings with CPU students unreservedly. Each story is full of profound meaning. At the same time, President Wu also pointed out that every teacher's philosophy of life is precious wisdom of life.

Then, President Wu started with the importance of the five core values “integrity, loyalty, professionalism, effectiveness, and caring” then covered five temperaments of “height, tolerance, demeanor, depth, breadth” and finally addressed five “Qs”(AQ,CQ,EQ,IQ,MQ). At last, he gave the faculties and CPU students the concept of having three deposit books, which are bank deposit, good intentions and behaviors, and personal relationship. President Wu expected that we will all uphold the correct senses of morality and values to create the most valuable life for ourselves and make the greatest contribution to the people of our country.

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