Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

The establishment of the "Mongolian police study course" enhances the interaction between Mongolia and Taiwan.

In order to interact with Mongolia and help training police officers, Mongolian & Tibetan Affairs Commission of the Ministry of Interior and CPU held the "Mongolian police study course" to strengthen international interactions and enhance police academic development. There were 24 participants in total, including 23 members who are mostly sub-secretary and deputy director in Mongolia and 1 translator. The course lasted for 22 days, starting from 2010/12/23 to 2011/1/13.

This course included weekend visits on northern Taiwan, classes at CPU, and field trips. Classes taken in CPU were from 2010/12/27 to 12/31, which gained an ultimate training achievement. Contents included the education of Taiwan police, police development in Taiwan, police law systems, forensic science and computer scenario simulation shooting. In addition, they went to Taipei City to experience the development of municipal policing to be familiar with the updating scientific methods and transnational cooperation in criminal investigation. The most unforgettable lesson to the Mongolia warriors was “The beauty of Chinese calligraphy” taught by Mr. Li, ex-director of the department of student affairs. They were so impressed by his art of calligraphy and lip music.

They visited coast guards and police agencies around Taiwan, such as Yangmingshan National Park police, Kenting Police Corps, Changhua County Police department, Chiayi County Police department, Kaohsiung Harbor PoliceOffice, Danshei coast guards, and other places like Hsinchu Science Park, 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan, Endemic Species Research Institute, Yangmingshan and Kenting National Park Headquarters. Every field trip went successfully. They all experienced the passion and kindness of people in Taiwan and had a greater knowledge of knowing the police development and local cultures in Taiwan through the visits.

Before their departure, every member showed his or her great gratitude toward people in Taiwan, Mongolian & Tibetan Affairs Commission of the Ministry of Interior and CPU for this wonderful caring and the well-prepared courses. They hoped one day they could visit Taiwan again.
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