Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

The presidential inauguration ceremony

On February 18 2011, former Taipei City Police Department Commissioner, Hsieh Hsiu-Neng, has been promoted to president of Central Police University (CPU). Around 1600 honored guest and school members attended the presidential inauguration ceremony, hosted by the deputy minister of the Ministry of Interior.

Deputy minister Jan expressed his approval on the continuous implementation of CPU on police education reform when he addressed to the ceremony attendee. He recognized President Hsieh for his former reputation in police service, and also described him as "the one who learned well to be a good officer, and an experienced officer to be great a teacher and leader." Jan also mentioned President Hsieh had accomplished his former mission as commander, now he devoted himself to teaching with his long-term experience, professional knowledge and specialties in writing and drawing. President Hsieh can utilize his talents to educate, train and inspire CPU students for a career of professional excellence and service.

President Hsieh has a complete police career path. He was appointed to the following important positions: Section Chief, Chief Inspector, Pintung County Police Bureau Commissioner, Dean of Academic Affairs at Taiwan Police College, Taoyuan County Police Bureau Commissioner, National Police Agency Chief-Secretary, Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau Commissioner, National Police Agency Deputy Director-General, and the Taipei City Police Department Commissioner. His seriousness about the police disciplines is well-known. As the new CPU president, Hsieh can improve and contribute to police education significantly.
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