Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Central Police University in the 2011 University Expo

The 2011 University and Technological College and Junior College Expo was held on February 26th and 27th at both Taipei and Kaohsiung.

During the opening ceremony, the newly-appointed school president, Dr. Hsieh, Hsiu-Neng, gave a short speech and mentioned that CPU is the highest institution of police academy in Taiwan. It is also a cradle to cultivate the police officers for public order, composed of 13 departments and 12 graduate schools. Therefore, students are required to obtain professional skills and related knowledge in order to face various challenges after being appointed. President Hsieh especially emphasized, "Knowledge is power" meaning police officers must possess abundant knowledge and determined execution and those are the sources of being successful.

President Hsieh further indicated that educational trainings at CPU are very different from the general universities. Besides professional courses, students here have to practice judo or wrestling, and other police skills like shooting, synthesis arresting techniques. The government provides good welfare to students, so as to let students to concentrate on their studies without worries.

This year's university expo had brought great attention due to significant reports from media. CPU especially cooperated with Taipei and Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureaus to promote crime prevention and anti-fraud activities. During the expo, police heavy motorbikes and equipments were displayed. There was even a big signboard of Dr. Chang-Yu Lee, an outstanding alumni and international Forensics expert, which attracted lots of students and their parents to take a picture with. The expo effectively promoted the specialty of CPU and the determination of crashing the crime and fraud, at the same time built a good model of cooperation between CPU and local authorities.
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