Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

The Calligraphy Exhibition at Campus Gallery

Time: March 8th (Tues.) to May 5th (Thurs.), 2011
Place: Campus Gallery, the first floor of the activity center

Mr. Li Chen-Chi with his students from "Shian-An calligraphy club" and CPU President Hsieh Hsiu-Neng are invited to hold the Calligraphy Exhibition at Campus Gallery. In the opening ceremony, president Hsieh, Mr. Li Chen-Chi and other artists like Mr. Wu Jun-Hong (present director of Chinese Standard Cursive Style Association, CSCSA in abbreviation), Mr. Liao Yi-Tian, Mr. Chen Ming-Jing (present secretary of CSCSA and president of Shian-An calligraphy club), Mr. Liao Yun-Hong (present vice president of Shian-An calligraphy club) and Mr. Fu Sun Yong (the instructor of school calligraphy club) all came and gave a writing calligraphy demonstration on the spot, showing the 'abstract' beauty of the line.

There is a total of 123 pieces of calligraphy collection in the exhibition. The calligraphy writing itself showed not only elegant but also artistry and beauty. The school president mentioned in his speech, "calligraphy helps to purify one's life, reduce the frequency of social engagements and release one's pressure", and hoped to inspire students to join the activities and cultivate their artistic tastes and sensibilities.
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