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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
2017 CPU Winter Study Tour Group

To constantly deepen international police academic exchanges, and to broaden students' international perspectives, Central Police University (CPU) lieutenant Yao-han Wu lead 25 CPU students to visit University of Houston Downtown (UHD), Houston, U.S. This study tour group attended English language learning courses, and visited Houston police department Northeastern Division, Police School and Fire Department from January 10th to 30th 2017. During the tour CPU students exchanged their thoughts about police law enforcement with criminal justice majors in UHD.

President Chien-sheng Tiao arranged a special visit to Driving Training Center of Houston Police School for the study tour group to learn training models regarding US police road safety driving given that frequent traffic accident happened while police on duty. During the visit, President of Police School, Captain Lori Bender, personally welcomed CPU group. Instructors of the training center demonstrated related driving skills and explained driving concept and skills while police on duty. Furthermore, to have a better understanding of current situation of US police on duty, Houston police department also arranged CPU group members to join the patrol duty. The students had the opportunities to learn police duty in US, especially in duty deployment, duty skills, concepts of gun usage and procedure of police report.

The schedule of the CPU group got a lot attention of local media. Besides, New Tang Dynasty Television, Epoch Times and World Journal, Houston Chronicle also made the CPU visit schedule on the main coverage of the news. It indicates not only our purpose of deepening the thought exchange of law enforcement, but also hope to give Taiwanese police a different way of thinking model through this visit. With the help of thought exchange, we can promote our efficiency while on duty and take more care of ensuring human rights and duo process of law.

The visit to UHD of CPU study tour group is the major project of deepening international policing exchange. This time, students participating US police driving trainings and Police Patrolling as practice, they’ve also learned about the US policing models and realized that they must face be capable with proper thinking and ability facing different social environments. CPU is the cradle for nurturing the law enforcement cadre. To continue improving law enforcement knowledge, moral and skills, CPU will keep send more outstanding students to join the study group so as to gain new knowledge and widen their international prospect.

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