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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
2017 Shao-Yun Music Awards Competition

To inspire the potential of creation and arts promotion on campus, the 2017 Shao-Yun Music Awards competitions was led by the president of Central Police University (CPU), Chien-sheng Tiao on March 21st, 2017 .

Shao-Yun Music Awards Competition has a long history, since 1983 for the first time till now. Every year it attracted many students to participate the event, and without exception this year. We have 26 singing groups, 4 creative singing groups, and 6 dancing groups, total of 36 groups participated. It was not only an unforgettable music festival, but also brought away the academic burdens of students.

On the final contest night, each contestant had given the best performance for this serious competition. The freshman singing group “Chin Tai Lang” became the winner by the song “ Titanium” originally sung by Australian musician Sia. The lead vocal Jie Ning Wu was commented as the “Adele of CPU” by judge Kuo-Hua Chen. The creative singing contestant winner is the “Music club” by the song “Pureness” . They tried to convey the idea of never giving up and the belief of keeping their faith. Music club hoped that everyone would not forget the purest of themselves no matter what happens. As for the dancing group, due to the at least two leading vocals requirements, it was not easy for each team to perform perfectly. The senior student although are facing the pressure of the Police special examination, they won contest by performing the earworm song “chicken attack” with the dances created on their own. They surely have created the best memory of their last year of life in the university.

Shao-Yun Music Awards is a annual musical event in CPU. This year, under the support of president Tiao, not only thr equipment is upgraded, but also the prestigious music producer, Kuo-Hua Chen, singer of Chemical Monkey Band, Zain, and the prize winner of Golden Music Awards, Eli Hsieh were invited as judges of the contest. President Tiao says, the reason why we invite these professional musicians is because of their expertise in this field. The three judges are willing to participate after knowing that CPU does not only cultivate the future police cadre, but also promote such musical event with artistic profoundness. They support the police’s education and give high affirmation to the students of CPU that make songs with their own style.

At last, the contest ended as the president Tiao presented the prizes to the winner. Meanwhile, more music lovers in CPU are expected to participate the Shao-Yun Music Awards next year and produce their own music on the stage.

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