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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
2017 University Self-Evaluation held by Central Police University

Central Police University of Ministry of the Interior is the only school for cultivating Police Cadres in Taiwan. Central Police University held self-evaluation on May 26th in order to assess its performance on education and quality of education to ensure the effect of students’ learning. The self-evaluation committee is composed of Minister without Portfolio, Zhong-Yuan Zhan, National Taipei University of Education Professor, Qi-Ming Zhuang, Vice-president of Shih Hsin University, Shih-Wu Liang, Shih Hsin University Professor, Zhi-Li Yu, and the Graduate Chair of Graduate School of Criminology of National Taipei University, Su-Hsian Chou.

On the scale of organizational structure, Central Police University belongs to Ministry of Interior, CPU also follow guidelines from Ministry of Education since it is a university. CPU is a task-oriented university that contains both “academic development” and “political requirement”, which makes it different than other universities. Take Education Trainings for example, we have common core courses, physical education, spirit education, life education that make it all inclusive police cadre education. We hope to demonstrate the specialty of Central Police University and our social responsibility by making the best effect of self-evaluation.

The President of Central Police University, Tiao Chien-sheng, aims to build CPU as the Military Academy at West Point of Taiwan. Devoting in ”reinforcing safety driving concepts and skills”, ”Focusing core function and courses correction”, and ”Focusing core function and courses correction.” Creating the best police cadre that serves the country and society by our specific actions and results to demonstrate our executive power and discipline. As a result, we could make contribution to not only the order of the society but also all the other different fields.

The five committee members of the self-evaluation share their precious comments based on academic research proficiency and experience of leading the university. CPU takes the comments of the members into consideration to promote the development of school affairs. Additionally, continuously conduct the second-period of field research which will be held by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan this December.

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