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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Mr. Zhong-Zheng Ceng

We invited the famous Chinese brush painter, Mr. Zhong-Zheng Ceng, who is known national-wide in Taiwan, to hold his personal painting and calligraphy exhibition which is named “Ren Jian You Wei”(人間有味). The opening ceremony took place in the Cheng Yuan Gallery on 28th April 2017 at 11 am. Some great artists such as, Mu-Xiang Kang, Yi-Hong Li, Feng-Zhong Bai, Zhen-Ji Li and the Abbot Guo Don of Dharma Drum Mountain were also specially invited to participate in this particular event.

Back in the 1990s when President Diao was transferred from Taipei City Police Department to Central Police University, he recalled that the former President Shi-Xi Yan often held artistic activities while administrating the school affairs. It was obvious to see that President Yan made efforts in cultivating students and school faculties with artistic temperament. Moreover, because of President Yan’s cultivation in the artistic education, it has planted a seed of art and beauty in President Diao’s heart. Thus we had this opportunity to let the students and school faculties to witness the artistic glory of Mr. Zhong-Zheng Ceng.

Mr. Zhong-Zheng Ceng’s competent ability has enabled him to create beautiful technique of writing and abundant gradation of ink usage in painting and calligraphy. His creations depict the scenery of nature and humanism and devote in mediating traditional and modern beauty. The works of Mr. Zhong-Zheng Ceng are created with various elements which blend in various thoughts of life, feelings of ancient poems and knowledge of travelling. While viewing the masterpieces, viewers feel a sense of kindness by its graceful drawing style, which reveal the beauty of quietness inside the painting; with the quietness there is also bounded with limitless of Zen spirit that makes people desire for it.

Mr. Zhong-Zheng Ceng specially exhibit a long 1340 cm, wide 46 cm painting with the poems of “Loose Wind Pavillon” in regular script, “Li Bai recalls his old tours” in cursive script and the “Fubo Temple” in semi-cursive script from the poet of Northern Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian. It is both significant and breathtaking and is really worth a visit.

The exhibition starts from 24th April (Fri.) to 16th June (Fri.) and opens from 10 am to 4 pm during the weekdays. We welcome all students and school faculties who are interested in Mr. Zhong-Zheng Ceng’s works. We also believe that this exhibition will certainly be helpful in promoting the artistic cultivation, creation and human care of students and school faculties.

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