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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
2017 Jount Graduation Ceremony of Central Police University

Vice-president, Chen Chien-jen, and the Minister of Interior, Yeh Jiunn-rong attended the Joint Graduation Ceremony of Central Police University. They encouraged to the new forces of public order that is ready to go and wing far.

Central Police University held the "Joint Graduation Ceremony 2017" on Jun 9, 2017. The Vice-president Chen Chien-jen was invited to host the ceremony. He encouraged the students to serve their duties in strict order and devote themselves to the police work. The Minister of Interior, Yeh Jiunn-rong , also attended to congratulate the graduated students and wish that both the government and the society could give assistance to the police, and thus become the strong backing of the police.

Vice-president Chen mentioned in his speech that the graduated student of CPU would take part in building up the society in the future. He gave special thanks to CPU for the efforts on education, and gave recognition to the outstanding performance of alumni of CPU. He wished that CPU could enhance more proficiency in order to foster more eminent public order cadre.

Vice-president Chen mentioned the importance of "Information Security is National Security", "Anti-drug is a public consensus" and in nowadays democratic society, "police should not be an extension of authoritarian, but a public servant ". Police is the most important reliance of the public, so he hoped the faculties and students of CPU could collaborate with the government so as to create a complete and secure social safety network to make the society a safe and stable place.

Minister Yeh indicated in his speech that in response to the arrival of new technology era and rapid-changing modus operandi (M.O.), the duty of police will definitely become harder. He hoped that family and friends could give assistance to the police and become the strong backing of the police. At the end of his speech, Minister Yeh also took pictures with the graduates, which was a heartwarming act.

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