Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

CPU 81th Anniversary

The Minister of Interior, Yeh Jiunn-rong, hosted the “CPU 81th Anniversary” on September 1, 2017, and awarded the outstanding alumni. Minister Yeh mentioned that the 64 percent of CPU freshmen are capable of getting into top universities this year, which shows that CPU recruitment is still competitive. In addition, Yeh claimed that Ministry of Interior supports police education with actions, such as approving additional budget for Motor Safe Driving Training court construction and sports equipment of Police Skill Gym on top of next year’s(2018) budget. Providing better environment would be in good help cultivating safety and professional law enforcement cadres. CPU holds series of events for “40th Anniversary of CPU’s Relocation Retrospective Exhibition” and the exhibition of “From the Same Root” of the sculpture master, Kang Muxiang.

Yeh mentioned that although many universities encountered severe challenge on recruitment with the impact of fertility decline, this year the CPU four-year freshman enroll standard still keep on the level over the past years. Over 90 percent of the freshmen were admitted into national universities while 64 percent were admitted into top universities. It shows that CPU has solid training programs in recent years and continuously making innovations so that CPU attracts many aspiring youth to join the job ranks of public security.

Yeh indicated that in addition to improve relevant sports equipment and campus environment, winter training program for safety driving will be given. Safety driving training court will be built next year. This is to give students correct driving concept and skills so as to reduce injury for their future work and bring up capability of law enforcement. Yeh affirms CPU’s research efforts to precede police practical work including applying big data into police operations and research of police k9 patrol. Those are benefit and great help in practice.

This year, Deputy Minister of National Police Agency Wang Long, Chief Secretary of Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Justice Xiao Xiang-tai, Commissioner of Criminal Investigation Bureau Liu Po-liang, Director of Agency of Corrections of Ministry of Justice Huang Chun-tang, Deputy Minister of National Fire Agency Xie Jing-xu and Chairman of Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. Jiang Qing-xing have been awarded as the 14th outstanding alumni of CPU. Yeh gave recognition and congratulated the six outstanding alumni for their efforts distributed to the country and society over the years and hoped that the CPU students follow the example of the outstanding alumni so that we can carry on the works and carry it forward to the future.

CPU also held a series of exhibition “From the Same Root” and “40th Anniversary of CPU’s Relocation Retrospective Exhibition” to celebrate the anniversary. Ministry of Interior claimed that the original wood sculpture “From the Same Root” of the sculpture master Kang Muxiang is mixed with the essences of “respect”, “tolerance”, “interaction”, and “cooperation”, which creates 9 different masterpieces that arose cohesion to show favor with each other. The stainless-steel cables of the sculptures series “Path of Life” were fire-wrought lines interconnect and extend to infinity, symbolizing bravery and persistence of police cadres. Among them, the stainless-steel cable sculpture work “Breeding” made its first exposure in CPU, which is interconnect by 89 kilometers of stainless-steel cables. It will be reserved in CPU to demonstrate the aim of CPU education of “breeding” new blood of public security cadres.

Ministry of Interior said that the campus built in the year of 1977 on the Guang Zhou street were too old to use, therefore the new campus was built in Gueishan District, Taoyuan city. This time, the 40th Anniversary of CPU’s Relocation Retrospective Exhibition not only commemorates the past but also hopes to be the motivation to encourage the future and not leaving the efforts of relocation of the predecessors in vain.

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