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Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Students of Central Police University Plays indispensable Roles at Taipei Summer Universiade

Students of the Central Police University played indispensable roles at the 12-day Taipei Summer Universiade which successfully concluded on Aug. 30. To provide services and support during the various games participated by over 10,000 foreign delegates from 145 countries, the 320 selected police students took up assignments diligently, including shuttle escorts, checkpoint inspections and patrols, to ensure safety at the Universiade Athletes' Village. Through their amicable services and consultancy, the students established good friendship with many delegates from afar.

Visiting the police students at the Universiade Athletes' Village, Tiao Chien-sheng, president of the Central Police University, spoke of the quality of the strictly selected students, including those, working as shuttle escorts, who were proficient with foreign languages and capable of having good communications with foreign delegates, and those, being assigned to checkpoint inspections and patrols, who were experienced in policing practice. The psychological quality, police skills and related capabilities of the police students enabled them to face various kinds of emergencies and to play indispensable roles in maintaining security during the world university games, he added.

For example, Chen shih-chang a student of Department of Criminal Investigation of the 84-2 Brigade, on patrol duty reacted promptly in assisting the investigation regarding foreign delegates who climbed over the village wall against regulations.

Kang Chien-kai of the 85-1 Student Brigade, who was assigned as a shuttle escort for his English proficiency, spoke of his valuable experiences to chat with foreign delegates and exchanged souvenirs. Many foreign delegates expressed that they were impressed by the amicable attitude and foreign language proficiency of police in Taiwan.

President Tiao mentioned, the purpose of the police university was to educate law and order cadres with international perspective, and, through the experiences gained in their duties at the Universiade, the students could enhance their foreign language proficiency, increase their interaction experiences with foreigners, combine theories learned in school and practice, and display professional capabilities, which were highly beneficiary to their law enforcement career in the future.

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