Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Dr. Henry C. Lee’s Multimedia Exhibition Area Officially Opened

Dr. Henry C. Lee, one of the world's foremost forensic scientists and an outstanding alumnus of the Central Police University (CPU), paid a visit to the President Tiao on December 15 th, 2017. The Dr. Henry C. Lee’s Multimedia Exhibition Area was officially opened on the same day. The opening ceremony was participated enthusiastically by faculty and students and was successfully concluded.

“Dr. Henry C. Lee’s Multimedia Exhibition Area” was sponsored by Dr. Lee, contracted by Phihong Tech Company, and designed and information collected by CPU. It includes 89 series of videos and 17 academic books which are divided into 5 groups such as “Academic Lectures”, “Keynote Speeches”, “Interview Report”, “Case Record” and “Academic Publications E-book” of Dr. Henry C. Lee.

“Dr. Henry C. Lee’s Multimedia Exhibition Area” extended the “Dr. Henry C. Lee Display Area - Make Impossible Possible” in the second basement floor of the World Police Museum to the library lobby. The interactive multimedia exbition can be used as teaching materials or personal tutorials. In addition to making it easy for CPU students to learn and appreciate at any time without having to enter the museum. CPU also welcome whoever interested in Dr. Lee's information or the science of criminal investigation to visit the museum. CPU not only want to promote the academic development of Forensic Science, but also to educate students to realize Dr. Lee's contribution to the development in the field of Forensic Science.

After the Multimedia Exhibition Area was opened, Dr. Lee, accompanied by President Tiao and other guests, visited the second basement of World Police Museum. Last year, Dr. Lee and his wife attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the “Dr. Henry C. Lee Display Area-Make Impossible Possible” in person, which was passionately welcomed by CPU students. Dr. Lee was asked to take pictures with the students and autographed for them on that day. Dr. Lee was very happy to be invited and personally introduced relevant artifacts related to their life in the exhibition area for the guests from all walks of life, which was impressive.

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