Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Special Exhibition of the adventuresome artist Qi-Wei Liu

Central Police University (CPU) held the opening ceremony of the special exhibition of the late adventurous artist Qi-Wei Liu in Cheng Yuan Gallery on May 18th, 2018.The theme of this exhibition is ‘‘ the greatest Liu, the most extraordinary art ’’. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was host together by our president, vice president, Max-Liu Culture and Art Foundation’s consultant Ren-Yu Liu, his son Yi-Sun Liu and daughter-in-law Yung-Yuan Wang, and CPU freelance artist Feng-Chung Pai. Through this exhibition, students and teachers were able to understand the legendary life of Qi-Wei Liu.

President Tiao said that it was a precious fate for us to hold the special exhibition of master Qi-Wei Liu. We learned in 2016 that Max-Liu Culture and Art Foundation has granted schools or organizations a sublicense free of charge to promotes master Liu’s paintings, books, photos and commodities. President Tiao immediately asked Department of Student Affairs to contact the foundation for making arrangements. Since the exhibition is extremely popular, it took 2 years to get the agreement settled. Now we could finally enjoy the exhibition.

During the opening ceremony, family representatives Mrs. Yung-Yuan Wang said that Max-Liu Culture and Art Foundation has started to promote campus exhibition tours since 2011. Moreover, they hope art could become a part of campus and that students can be influenced by Qi-Wei Liu’s lifelong perseverant spirits.

Mrs. Yung-Yuan Wang also said that Qi-Wei Liu started paintings as he approached forty. It was not until his later period that he started to become famous. However, he still lived in a simple life and didn’t care about wealth and fame just as in the past. He turned his life connotation and love of primitive art into artistic work to express the sincerest concern in the world living.

Master Qi-Wei Liu, who was called Liu sir, stepped into the world of painting at the age of 38. In addition to be a painter in his lifetime, he was also an engineer, an explorer, a writer, a scholar of Anthropology of Art and even a conservation endorser. Although he passed away in 2002, his lifelong learning spirit is ‘‘Live and learn.’’ In the age of 81, he still organized an expedition to Papua New Guinea in Oceania in order to conduct art research about stone artifacts; in the age of 86, he was hired to be an emeritus forest police of Yushan National Park, Kinmen National Park, and Shei-Pa National Park, and that became his favorite identity among all the occupations and identities. Liu sir’s spirit which is full of enthusiasm and vitality to life is the benchmark that we have to emulate. The meaning of ‘‘those who are admirable were pass away; nevertheless, the achievement will go down in history’’ was passed on to us. Dressed in a Khaki suit, carrying a big bag on the back, and holding a pipe in mouth, he was always in a good mood and was fully equipped. All that had gone seems alive. As if he was telling us that he was ready to take off to explore the next stop.

Liu sir keeps in a poised status all the time, and his legendary life still commands deep reverence among the people until now. Liu sir also said, ‘‘the loftiest mission of art is not beautiful but love.’’ He hoped to convey the philosophy of life with passion through his sincere and pure paintings, to inspire people’s heart of caring for the earth, and to let people understand that humans should be in harmony with nature. This passion can also echo the purpose of ‘‘love’’ in police education.

Master Qi-Wei Liu’s paintings were divided into seven parts, including ‘‘The Introduction of Master Qi-Wei Liu’’, ‘‘The Call of the Dusk (a series of Po Yu Bird) ’’, ‘‘ Fantastic Star Sky (twelve of the constellation)’’, ‘‘Love and Peace’’, ‘‘Sketch Vietnam’’, ‘‘The Call of the Wild (a series of animals)’’, and ‘‘Pay Tribute to Master(a series of self portrait of Qi-Wei Liu)’’. The exhibition started from 18th May to 15th June 2018 and opened from 10 am to 4 pm during the weekdays.

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