Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Police Dog Club and Dog Handler Training

Central Police University presented its achievement of ‘‘The police dog club establishment and seed instructors training’’ on the council meeting of Ministry of the Interior on August 23, 2018. Minister of the Interior, Hsu Kuo-yung gave his recognition to CPU for the training of police dogs and seed instructors. He expected a greater performance from us for a stronger international exchange with the latest dog training skills within the limited police resources.

Central Police University established the Police Dog Club in September, 2017. Police dog training has planned aggressively for the police duties such as assisting in criminal arrestment, drug investigation, bloodstain search, criminal trace search, airport security check and fire disaster rescue. Seeded dog handler training is also in the program.

CPU police dog club currently has 4 police dogs, 4 dog handlers (moonlighted by faculty members) and 20 student members. Lieutenant Pan Tien-Lung, who is the Captain of New Taipei City Police Department K9 Unit, is the club advisor. Since its establishment, the dog handlers and the student members have studied hard in learning how to take good care of canines and how to train them. Moreover, they use their spare time to bond closely with police dogs. The club held its first wrap-up presentation in June 2017 to show the outcome of canine collective obedience and basic olfactory training.

CPU police dog club was invited by Austria Vienna Police Department to Vienna from August 4th to 14th. The team was leaded by Lieutenant Pan and in company with New Taipei City Police Department K9 Unit and The Third Special Police Corps, National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Austria Vienna Police Department, Police Dog Training Center, Maritime Police Crew and General Service Center were visited. The team observed and emulated the local police dogs’ management, fosterage, training and use. They also participated in the police dogs’ ability test, patrol service of Police Dog Unit and joint service with regional police station. A lot of valuable practical experience we gained this time can be combined with future training courses in order to improve the effect of police dog academic research and staff training.

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