Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

The Fine-Brush Bird-and-Flower Painting Exhibition of Chang Ko-Chi

With the intention to celebrate the 82th anniversary of Central Police University (CPU) and to improve the students and faculty’s attainment on cultural arts, we invited the internationally notable fine-brush master Chang Ko-Chi to hold a solo exhibition. The exhibition started from 1st September to 5th October 2018 and opened from 10 am to 4 pm during the weekdays.

Master Chang Ko-Chi was born in Puli, Nantou in 1950 and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University. He followed Yu Zhonglin, who is a master of Chinese painting, to learn the dyeing techniques in his early life. He took Mr. Yu’s advice and chose to specialize in the fine-brush bird-and-flower paintings. He is the minority painter in Taiwan who insists on creating with fine-brush flowers, birds and beasts all year round. Master Chang Ko-Chi grew up in a natural environment which is surrounded by mountains and waters. The sights of fields, flowers, trees, birds, bees, butterflies, chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere in his daily life.

Master Chang Ko-Chi received the Golden Cross Award by the work ‘‘The Dancing Crane’’ in the first exhibition of China Gongbi Painting Association in Beijing and the 49th Chinese Writer's & Artist's medal in 2008. He wishes to share and inherit the beauty of natural environment to the public through sketch. By enjoying his paintings, everyone can understand the importance of protecting endangered birds and beasts and our natural environment.

Master Chang Ko-Chi had once hold the event of ‘‘2009 Master Joint Exhibition’’ with a lot of masters in the art world. The opening and unveiling ceremony was held in the CPU Cheng Yuan Gallery in November 2008. Through serendipity, we invited Master Chang Ko-Chi to come to our school again and held a solo exhibition. Thus, the whole school can admire Master Chang Ko-Chi’s paintings again for their elegant, exquisite, dynamic and pure beauties.

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