Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

2018 Joint Graduation Ceremony of Central Police University

Central Police University held the "2018 Joint Graduation Ceremony" on June 14, 2018. President Tsai, Ing-wen presented in person to host the ceremony. She encouraged students to make good use of what they had learned in professional field, solve problems with enthusiasm, professionalism and teamwork, and be a competent human caregiver and benefit the Taiwan society.The Minister of Interior, Yeh Jiunn-rong, also congratulate the graduates. He hoped all the graduates could be the new forces that would maintain people’s safety, and he also emphasized that the Ministry of Interior would positively enhance rights and interests about the police and firefighters and thus become their strong support.

During her address, President Tsai emphasized that she has always profoundly felt the dedication to our country by police and firefighters since she became a president. In the past two years, various major festival events in our country were held successfully and the first-line law enforcement agency also had repeated achievements on anti-drug cases due to such dedication.We should give all the credit to the police, firefighters,immigration officers, marine inspectors, and correction officers for their hard work.

President Tsai also mentioned that the CPU gradutes are going to follow the great tradition of their predecessors to serve in individual department and devote themselves to our country. In order to preserve good tradition, it is important to pay attention to the safety of the police training. Thus, the government had actively expand CPU’s hardware equipment and facilities. During president Tiao’s period of service, three new buildings, including the Investigative and Forensic Technology Building, and the Shooting Range and the Student Dormitory came into operation. Moreover, National Police Administration also redesigned the police uniform and letpolice staff vote for its final style. The new uniform not only meets the demand of the police on duty but also keeps up with the time, and brings a refreshing professional imageto the police. Furthermore, the government is going to invest 280 million to upgrade disaster rescue equipment for the forefront firefighters, and the policy of supplying 3000 fire manpower will also be put into action. The government will do its best to let the police and firefighters not only be trained perfectly in normal time but also be supported fully while they are performing their duties.

Minister Yeh said that graduation is not only a glory but also a responsibility. He expected the graduates tokeep the spirit of innovation alive, be brave to any responsibility, empathize with people’s feeling, and provide the most efficient services for people.On the eve of Police Day, he also expressed the most sincere gratitude and respect to national staff engaged insecurity maintenance. He hoped that our future security work can use more smart technology, such as the Internet and Big Data, and take perspective security strategy to solve problems of public security proactively, eliminate scourge and do the better work of public security. Meanwhile, he also emphasized that every department should work together to review and improvethe currently Special Examination for Police in order to substantialize and normalize police education.

At the end of his speech, Minister Yeh also took pictures with the graduates. The graduation ceremony was finished with the warm and joyful atmosphere.

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