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Taiwan Hosts Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology for the First Time

Taiwan Hosts Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology for the First Time – Helping to Improve the Country’s International Visibility

Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-Yung attended the “11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (AOSFST 2018)” on October 22. According to him, government agencies across the globe place tremendous emphasis on the implementation of fire prevention efforts, and this international symposium on fire safety is the highest level in the Asia-Oceania region. Hosting such event for the first time in Taiwan enables the country to exchange opinions with fire prevention scholars and experts across the world, in turn elevating Taiwan’s standards and international position in advanced fire safety education and research. It is hoped that the gathering will facilitate the establishment of communication channels with fire prevention-related scholars from various countries, thereby fostering international collaborations in the field of disaster prevention and response, ultimately achieving the goal of protecting the lives of people in Taiwan, and their properties.

According to Hsu Kuo-Yung, “fire prevention” requires close collaboration between the government and people; regardless of building firefighting, prevention, disaster management or response, fire prevention efforts are directly associated with people’s lives and the safety of their properties. As fire prevention technology and response measures become more advanced, how to make fire prevention engineering research more practical, and how to educate and train outstanding firefighters have become a crucial challenge for the government. It is hoped that fire prevention experts in Taiwan will benefit from other countries’ experience over the 5-day international symposium in order to bolster and refine fire prevention in Taiwan.

Ministry of the Interior points out that “11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology” was co-hosted by Central Police University and SFPE Taiwan Chapter TC at the NTUH International Convention Center and Training Center of National Fire Agency, starting from October 21. The symposium lasted for 5 days, inviting approximately 140 fire prevention scholars from nearly 20 countries (including US, UK, China, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and Russia) to share their experience and discuss the latest developments and research in fire science and technology with other participants.

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