Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

2018 Annual Sports Day of Central Police University

“CPU 37th Sports Day” was held on November 16th 2018. The opening ceremony was hosted by Minister Kuo-yung Hsu. CPUstudents not only participated the competitions on the sports field, but also showed their best creativity. They marched to the stadium with costume of cartoon c haracter Peppa Pigs which were really cute. Minister Hsu said that to be a public order cadre must capable in both professional knowledge and physical skills. He expected that all participants show their strength with outward behavior, create new record for own teams.

The annual CPU Sports Day presented dynamic display of ‘Power and Beauty’. This year, students of different grades made themselves into the disguise of Hip hop Legion, Peppa Pig Legion, Axe Gang, Seaweed Gang, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, Adventure Time, and so on. It was creative, dynamic and vivid. Moreover, it added a lively carnival fun to the entire competitive atmosphere.

CPU Sports Day mainly focuses on the competition of track and field and the tug-of-war events. In addition, the 20-player tug-of-war is the most traditional competition in CPU which their can aggregate team cohesion. In just a few minutes, all students gathered to become a life unity and fight together for the same goal. This pursuit of the team honors is precisely the embodiment of "honor" of the core values of CPU. It is also an essential trait for the public order cadres in the future.

Recently, CPU students not only make incredible performances on the interschool sports competition but also make remarkable achievements repeatedly on the national colleges’ sports competition. This year, CPU students were awarded 4 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 7 bronze medals in the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, one of which even broke the school record. Students and coaches devoted themselves in daily training with aggressive attitude to collect the fruitiful results. They actively practice, prepare and develop themselves to challenge and pursue excellence.

The Chairman of Police Alumni Association Nuan-xuan He specially sponsored the University Games NT$ 100,000 so that all students could obtain the best back-up support while working hard to compete in the field. He also encouraged his junior brother and sister in the school that they should make a positive effort to fight for honor in both for personal and also own team. It is worthy to write eternal unforgettable memory for life.

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