Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Minister of the Interior Personally Came to Central Police University to Award the Honorary Doctorate Degree to Mr. Louis M. Dekmar, former President of the IACP

Mr. Louis M. Dekmar, former President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), was awarded the CPU Honorary Doctorate Degree on December 14th, 2018. After Dr. Henry Chang-Yu Lee, the internationally renowned criminal forensics expert, was awarded the CPU Honorary Doctorate Degree of Ph.D., Mr. Louis M. Dekmar is the second recipient of the CPU Honorary Doctorate Degree and also the first Honorary Doctorate of LL.D. It is so rare that the Minister of the Interior, Hsu Kuo-yung, was specially invited to participate in the ceremony and to be an awarder. The ceremony was held in CPU grand auditorium and the Current President of the IACP, Mr. Paul Cell, the director of NPA International Affairs Division, Mr. Tsao Ching-Hui, the chairman of Police Alumni Association and also the chairman of China Airlines, Mr. He Nuan-xuan were all invited to attend the ceremony. The ceremony was witnessed by CPU students and faculties in a simple and solemn atmosphere.

Minister Hsu stated that Mr. Louis M. Dekmar is, now the Chief of Police and Chief of Public Safety, LaGrange City, Georgia, USA, in charge of important missions in various law enforcement agencies and played important roles. Having extensive experience in both empirical and theoretical teaching, Mr. Dekmar has made many positive contributions in the fields of policing, law enforcement, organization management and educational cultivation. He was awarded multiple medals . Particularly, he has defended Taiwan’s rights to participate in the activities held by IACP, created many opportunities for a variety of exchanges, and has lobbied US government departments to help Taiwan to participate in the activities held by Interpol in hope of Taiwan becoming a part of international law enforcement. Minister Hsu expressed the deepest gratitude for Mr. Dekmar’s assistance and his fully support of Taiwan to hold the international conference on police cooperation. This March, during the the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the IACP in India, Mr. Dekmar helped invite senior specialists in policing from 15 countries to take part in 2018 International Forum on Police Cooperation. This September, he personally participated in ‘‘2018 International Forum on Police Cooperation Combating Transnational Telecommunications Fraud’’ and was a keynote speaker in the opening ceremony. Mr. Dekmar really raised altitude of the forum in effect and successfully improved the policing communication and cooperation among Taiwan and other countries.

In order to honor and appreciate Mr. Dekmar’s outstanding contributions and his efforts of helping Taiwan to expand exchanges with international police organizations, both Minister Hsu and the chief of National Police Agency, Mr. Chen Ja-chin, had recommended Mr. Dekmar to be a candidate of CPU honorary doctorate. With Mr. Dekmar’s excellent performance and outstanding achievement, he passed the strict censorship of the Inspection Affairs Committee of CPU Honorary Doctorate Degree, and the regulation of Ministry of Education for future reference.

Mr. Dekmar had formally become a CPU alumnus after he was awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree. We hope that he can have some influence on international security among law enforcement agencies, keep supporting Taiwan to take part in various events or organizations about international policing and security, and assist CPU in police academic exchange globally.

Furthermore, he can share his extensive experience of law enforcement, practice and theory to broaden the faculty and students’ international horizon. Minister Hsu also hoped that the President of the IACP, Mr. Paul Cell, could uphold his consistent friendly attitude and keep providing Taiwan’s greatest support to maintain Taiwan’s participation in the IACP. Besides providing opportunities for exchange between Taiwan and police agencies in other countries, we also hoped to participate and delicate our expertise in other important international security organization such as Interpol. During a later speech, both Mr. Dekmar and Mr. Cell have given positive responds that they are willing to give Taiwan a full support.

The president of CPU, Tiao Chien-sheng, also said that awarding the Honorary Doctorate Degree is not only for honoring his numerous outstanding achievements but also for setting as a role model for CPU students to devote themselves in policing theory and practice, and excel in the field of international security in the future like him.

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