Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

2019 Presidential Handover Ceremony in Central Police University

Under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior, Hsu Kuo-yung, the new president Li, Wen-ming, the former Commissioner of Taoyuan police department is promoted to president of Central Police University (CPU) on February 13th, 2019.

Minister Hsu first appreciated the predecessor president Tiao, Chien-sheng’s effort to CPU, and subsequently he recognized the hard work to the acting president Chuang, Te-sen during this period. Minister Hsu expressed that the new president Li has engaged in police duties for almost 40 years; his police experience is complete and his practical experience is extensive. While serving as the Commissioner of Taoyuan Police Department (Taoyuan County Police Bureau) for 6 years since 2012, Li made excellent achievement in local social order maintenance, anti-bribery and anti-violence. In 2018, he supervised special project in social order maintenance during election activities (nine-in-one elections), which was deeply affirmed by the commissioners.

Minister Hsu mentioned that CPU cultivates outstanding security personnel for the country, which shoulders heavy responsibility. He expected that President Li could contribute his knowledge and strength to integrate practical experience into police education after he takes over the job. CPU and National Police Agency could make closer cooperation to actively strengthen social safety net, ensure social stability, improve police science and technology detection abilities, elevate to social capacities to act and seek greater welfare for the public.

Li graduated from CPU and obtain both bachelor (the 44th term, class 1957) and master degree in Police Administration. He served as Chief of Precinct, Chief Secretary of Criminal Investigation Bureau, Commissioner of Miaoli County Police Bureau, Director of Public Order Division in National Police Agency, Commissioner of Taoyuan County Police Bureau, Assistant Director-general of National Police Agency and Commissioner of Taoyuan City Police Department.

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