Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Keynote Speech of Su Chun-Jung “The Cloud Government and Application”

Political Deputy Minister of Directorate-General of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan, Su Chun-Jungwas invited to deliver a talk on “The Force to Drive Transformation-The Cloud Government and Application”.

After graduating from the Department of Statistics at National Chung Hsing University, Deputy Minister Su studied abroad at Boston University in the USA, and obtained master degree in Computer Science. He also received the Outstanding I.T. Elite Award in 2011, Information Management Model Award in 2016, Government Service Quality Award in 2015 and K.T. Lee Research Breakthrough Award in 2019. He is a person of extraordinary ability in information field.

Deputy Minister Su probes the information innovation brought by artificial intelligence (AI) and the challenge of labor replacement under the environment by mentioning 10 jobs that would be taken over by AI. As the saying goes, the water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up. In the era of information explosion, AI has brought the integration of technology and the convenience of traffic to modern society. However, it is also a big task that how people gain their employment skills to respond to the current society for keeping themselves competitive.

Taking the facial and iris recognition system in Dubai Airport, the identity authentication connected to e-payment in India and the smart trash can in San Francisco for examples; Deputy Minister Su leads CPU’s faculty and students to browse the globalization of information technology. In order to catch up the trend, he pointed out that as a public servant, we should learn cross discipline to strive on the goal of E-government and improve official efficiency to look forward to the future.

Recalling the past, Deputy Minister Su sets a good example by promoting the digitalization of documentation deduction, e-invoice, and taxation information reengineering, honored by the third, sixth and the eighth Government Service Quality Awards. Moreover, through pushing for the electronic process, he has given Taiwanese a convenient life and shortened the distance between the government and people.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Something will be big different if something has been done. It is very thankful for Deputy Minister Su to share his own experiences combined with a global perspective to give students opportunities thinking about the meaning and competitiveness of their future careers. He also believes that everyone is able to make Taiwan better.

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