Central Police University, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Does Cop Only Carry handgun? CPU Rifle Drill is On The Way!

A policeman should possess great weapon proficiency and the most famous police weapon is service pistol. While executing special missions, it is necessary to use a rifle to go the full force so as to consolidate the advantage of police strength. The famous case of Jhang Si-ming was a good example that the sniper used a rifle to shoot the armed suspect from long distance and accomplished a smooth capture.

According to “The Rules for Centralized Distribution and Allocation of Weapons and Ammunition for Various Police Institutions”, every policeman should carry a service pistol, and every six to eight policemen can carry a rifle in consideration of missions to increase their firepower. Central Police University offers rifle training classes in the last semester before graduation to help student to adapt the practical services in the future. Total 365 students receive rifle training, including class 106 of graduate students, 85-1 Student Brigade, and 85-2 Student Brigade. CPU rifle drills for the soon-to-be-graduated are combined with the basic drills and the live-fire drills. The basic security drills cover the mechanical principles of an M16 rifle, the security skills, the rifle disassembly and reassembly, the shooting position training, and the introduction of 5.56×45mm NATO. Once students pass the test of basic drills, the live-fire drills would be carried out this year from May 6 to 7. The process was carried out smoothly and perfectly. Students also gain benefit a lot to build confidence in the future job.

The rifle drills are conducted in the pistol-rifle comprehensive range on the 5th floor in CPU Shooting Range Hall, adopting the 25-meter lying position of shooting and double firepower of pistols. CPU Shooting Range Hall was completed in December 2016. Its excellent environment for shooting education has largely improved the working skills and safety of police, creating a brand-new outline of police education. CPU Shooting Range Hall has adopted one of the advanced systems in the world, which is called a High-tech Anti-ballistic omnidirectional bullet dust collecting system. The system can take pistol and rifle training at the same time. Its special gentle-sloped missile surface can conquer the phenomenon that rifle bullet would cause too high power in a short distance. The system can efficiently draw the bullet into the closed deceleration room to avoid rebound and the fragments will automatically drop to the target box at the bottom. It also adopts the negative-pressure-vacuumed bullet dust collector to meet the environmental need. In addition to the pistol-rifle comprehensive range, CPU Shooting Range Hall also has a paintball simulated-scene training range. It uses low-powered paintballs in many real street views (such as the driveway and MRT carriages) and room types (i.e. convenience stores, houses, hotels and internet cafés) for kinds of duties drill to enhance the students’ future adaptability. In addition, the computerized simulated-shooting training range can provide students a variety of practices in different duty situations.

In response to the COVID-19 epidermic, the drills are implemented in small-sized classes and students are demanded to wear facial masks at all time. The seating areas are arranged to keep social distance. The teaching areas also have to keep air ventilation and to clean and sterilize regularly. Cleaning supplies including hand sanitizer and alcohol are provided for students to ensure their safety.

With a rapid change in social environments, the types of crime have varied from the past. To respond to the demand of keeping society order and practical situation, it is expected to ensure every policeman’s life security by enhancing CPU students shooting education and ability. They are also expected to use the shooting skills they learned from CPU properly to maintain national security and social order.

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