Reading - to enhance police soft power

In response to World Reading Day on April 23th and to encourage reading habits, Central Police University (CPU) readers, faculties and students included, participate in recommending books to increase their interest in reading and also to enrich library’s collection from diverse readers’ point of view.

This year (2018), CPU Library Week specially planned an activity named “enjoy reading, pick your favorite books.” Firstly, CPU library purchased Chinese books released from August 2017 to February 2018 by 528 different publishers listed by Sanmin Book Ltd., then the library sorted out two thousands books which are suitable for college or police academy from the lists. As long as readers complete the recommendation (reservation) requests, those books will be purchased by the library and the one who has recommended books have the first priority to borrow the book.

For the purpose of encouraging readers to recommend books, anyone who finishes the purchase requests will be able to join a “lucky draw”. Furthermore, to encourage students’ lifelong learning, “alumni lifelong learning, library lifelong service” will keep promoting. They will promote library card to CPU alumni.

The activity started from March 27th 2018 till 29th. In order to increase student participation, CPU library set up the book display in the aisle of the first floor in Teaching Building so that students could have the chance to recommend books during break time.

The opening ceremony took place in the courtyard of Teaching Building at 10:00 AM on March 27th. The CPU President Tiao, Chien-sheng emphasized greatly on developing students’ reading habits. He leaded supervisors to participate in this opening event. Because the activity was held among break time, lots of faculty and students participated the activity and they all enjoyed it a lot.

When addressing a speech, President Tiao said that it inspired faculties and students’ reading passions and interests to enrich and widen their horizon through the activity. And he also said that it would be in help to improve the quality and the image of the police, and also to enhance police soft power.

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