2019 Joint Graduation Ceremony of Central Police University

Central Police University held the "Class of 2019 Joint Graduation Ceremony" at 10 a.m. on June 6, 2019. The President of the Republic of China, Tsai Ing-wen, presented in person to host the ceremony for the third time. She encouraged CPU students to take up any kind of challenges without fear and to protect homeland. Hero not only appears in the movie, it also presents in real life while the officer with uniform is on duty.

The Minister of the Interior, Hsu Kuo-yung, also wishes all of the graduates pass the Special Examination for Police. He also encouraged students to create better life for the public in future rather than providing shelters. He declared that Ministry of the Interior will always be the strongest back up for the police and firefighters.

President Tsai emphasized that it was her third time to attend the graduation ceremony of CPU, and must attend the ceremony in person to deliver sincere support since new graduates represent the power and energy of public security. President Tsai stated that because of the efforts from police, firefighters, and marine inspectors, we could have a safe living environment. Congratulations on their graduations, and wish graduates carry on their spirit and put into their future career.

President Tsai also expressed the deepest appreciation to all the faculties and staffs of CPU for cultivating outstanding police officers. President Tsai specially thanked the parents of the graduates for letting their children involve in hard-working and risky jobs for social stability and prosperity. However, President Tsai promised the parents that their children will be well taken care since they guard the country and shoulder the task of ensuring that compatriots live and work in peace and contentment. Also their welfare measures will be certainly accomplished for sure.

Since the beginning of this year, the medical treatment benefits of the police, firefighters, and marine inspectors have been gone according to the national army. The new uniforms of the police have been officially refitted. Furthermore, the equipment budgets of police cars, sea patrol gunboats, and fire safety equipment are continuously designated. At the same time, it also actively promotes social housing. At present, the Ministry of the Interior has also coordinated New Taipei City Government and Taoyuan City Government to reserve 5% of the newly completed social housing, grassroots police and firefighters have higher priority of renting. In addition, it also coordinates 97 social housing projects completed by 12 counties and city governments from 2020 to 2029 to continuously provide applications to the grassroots police and firefighters. In the future, the central government will also cooperate with local governments to build the social housing project for the grassroots police and firefighters. We believe that the community will definitely welcome the guardians to join the community. President Tsai will continuously concern their needs be the strongest and most powerful backing for the police and firefighters.

Finally, President Tsai stated that graduation is just a new start. It is the beginning of practical work fulfilled with various challenges. She encouraged students and said β€œIt’s not a hero that appears in the movie, it is the hero of the Taiwan as long as everyone deserves police uniform. Be brave while facing the challenge, future heroes! ”

When the Minister Hsu continued to deliver a speech, he said that Central Police University is definitely the top university in the country. CPU is a civil and military school. As a result, graduates of CPU are not only well versed in polite letters and martial arts but also the most important pillars of the country. Minister Hsu also said that there will be risks in engaging in police work after graduation, but he assured all parents that National Police Agency and National Fire Agency will do their utmost to provide the best equipment, training, command and management in order to let their children achieve these tasks safely and satisfactorily while on duty. Minister Hsu also encouraged students that engaging in police and firefighting, sure there are certain risks. Maybe they need to arrest criminals or pursuit fugitives, but in urgent situation, please put this sentence in your heart – the goal of life is not seeing for shelters. At the end of his speech, Minister Hsu also took pictures with the graduates. The graduation ceremony was successfully ended in a festive atmosphere.

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