CPU 83rd Anniversary

Accompanied by the Minister of Interior, Hsu Kuo-yung, the Premier of Executive Yuan, Su Tseng-chang, attended the Central Police University's 83rd-anniversary ceremony on September 1, 2019. Premier Su mentioned that the admission criteria of CPU freshmen this year remains the former standards, which shows no signs of the impact under the sub-replacement fertility. It shows the approvals from the society to CPU, and it is an honor to join the police force. He also expects CPU to continuously recruit outstanding youths to devote themselves to maintaining public order.

Premier Su mentioned that all the colleagues, including military, police, firefighters, coastguard and airborne service, undertake significant duties to protect our homeland and defend the values of freedom and democracy in spite of wearing different uniforms, contributing a lot to the country and the society. To benefit these colleagues with better health care, the government has imposed medical care programs since May 1, 2019. It shows the government's determination of taking good care of the present and the retired personnel by offering fully subsidies to the copayments of National Health Insurance when they go to medical institutions.

In the ceremony, Premier Su also awarded 6 excellent alumni, approving their contributions in security bureaus and academic institutions for a long time. He encouraged students to follow in their footsteps, to carry forward their achievements by inheriting the past and ushering in the future.

Premier Su also claimed that CPU is the cradle of raising national security officers and the first-class university which attracts many aspiring youths to study. He appreciates the school’s efforts in improving the education for police officers and expects the school to respond the trends and changes in the society and the environment with time, and to undertake the heavy responsibility to defend good public order.

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