The Opening Ceremony of the IACP Exhibition Area in CPU

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) was founded in 1893. With more than 30,000 members in 150 countries, the IACP is quite a huge and influential association in global policing. As a member of IACP, Central Police University has kept good relationship with the association. Many IACP presidents and members of Executive Board visited CPU and contributed various cultural relics of police over the years.

IACP President Paul M. Cell visited the CPU World Police Museum several times. He presented his uniform and proposed to the CPU President Li, Wen-ming for setting up the IACP exhibition area in the museum on June 3, 2019. President Li agreed with this proposal immediately. The newly-established IACP exhibition area is curated by CPU library, displaying many cultural relics such as precious photos showing visiting of previous IACP presidents, presented uniforms and gifts as well as magazines related.

The CPU World Police Museum IACP exhibition area inauguration was held on on September 5, 2019. IACP President Paul M. Cell, Immediate Past President Louis M. Dekmar, First Vice President Steven R. Casstevens (who will be the next IACP president in October) and International Vice President Joe Oliver came all the way to attend the ceremony. President Paul M. Cell also contributed his uniform as the chief of police at the Montclair State University Police Department. It was captured a historical scene that the previous, the present and the future IACP presidents visited CPU at the same time.

The presenting ceremony was closed perfectly in solemnity. The CPU vice president Chuang, Te-sen received and presented gifts to President Cell in return. While making a speech, Vice president Chuang gave special thanks to President Cell who contributed his uniform to the World Police Museum. During President Cell’s speech, not only did he praise the delicate curation and profound contents of the IACP exhibition area but also mention that he will propagandize the CPU World Police Museum on IACP official site owing to its rich collections and its important status in international policing cultural relics.

The establishment of the IACP exhibition area has not only strengthen the friendship between CPU and IACP, but also promote the exchange with international police.

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