Associate Professor Cheng Yu-Shan Won Merit Award of "2019 Literary and Artistic Creation Award of Ministry of Education"

Dr. Cheng Yu-Shan, the associate professor of CPU Center for General Education, won the merit award of 2019 Literary and Artistic Creation Award of Ministry of Education". She is awarded in the category of teachers with her traditional Chinese opera screenplay entitled “Those Far Away” . The award ceremony was held on October 3rd, and the minister of Ministry of Education, Pan Wen-Chung served as the award presenter.

To encourage teachers and students to engage in literary and artistic creations, the Ministry of Education has held the "Literary and Artistic Creation Award" since 1981. As the award with the longest history and highest level in Taiwan, it not only cultivates many writers but also is the guide and the goal that many competitors strive on. Honored with many awards, including categories of screenplays, traditional poems and fairy tales since 2009, Dr. Cheng has worked hard on literature. She has concretely promoted the spirits of arts and humanities and carried out the belief of internalization and practice in general education emphasized by CPU.

Award-winning works of "Literary and Artistic Creation Award of Ministry of Education" and “Nationwide Students Picture Book Creation Award” will be exhibited around northern, eastern and southern Taiwan. Meanwhile, these masterpieces are also displayed on the official website for public viewing, and everyone is welcomed to appreciate these works.

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