Keynote Speech of Fong Chen “The Enrichment and the Convenient Services ”

CPU invited the Chief Secretary of Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice, Fong Chen, to deliver a talk on “The Enrichment and the Convenient Services” on November 8th, 2019.

Chief Secretary Fong, who graduated from the college of law, National Chengchi University and completed the courses in Training Institute for Judges and Prosecutors, Ministry of Justice in Class 37th, is now the prosecutor of Intellectual Property Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office with the concurrent post in Chief Secretary affairs. He had served as the prosecutor of Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office, the head prosecutor of Taiwan Taitung District Prosecutors Office and Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, the deputy chief prosecutor of Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office and the director of Government Ethics Office before, was awarded the Youth Medal of 2006 and transferred to hold a position of subject instructor in Training Institute for Judges and Prosecutors in the same year as well as honored as an outstanding anti-drug figure in 2009.

Chief Secretary Fong first mentioned that “Law-based Administration” is the core value of every legislative country as well as the must-followed primary principle when exerting all the administrative acts. Civil servant executes their tasks and serves to the public according to the power given by law enforcement, undertaking the demand and expectation of integrity, convenience, and efficiency at the same time. How to make things easy for people in relaxation, reassurance, and generosity without worrying about violating the laws and misgiving as enrichment is the issue that every civil servant cares the most. Thus, with fully and correctly realization in regulations as well as the ruler to measure matters in mind, civil servants can make a proper decision within the range of laws and will not exceed or abuse their discretionary power. Not only could they ensure themselves a smooth career but also improve the service quality, contributing to the country and the people.

Chief Secretary Fong also disassembled the structures of Article 6, Section 1, Item 4 and 5 of Anti-Corruption Act, which regulates the responsibility of supervisors and non-supervisors. The law divides civil servants into three types of personal identities, including identification, authorization, and commission and makes the elements of the enrichment clear. He cautiously determined the structures of every case, which consists of unlawful profits, conducts for the enrichment and the result. He then mentioned that the difference between convenient services and the enrichment is the intention. The former aims for benefiting the public and will be equal to everyone and every case. The definition of convenient services contains all the conducts done by civil servants when they are executing their tasks, which are within the laws, resulting in others’ lawful profit.

Finally, Chief Secretary Fong expects that everyone should be equipped with sharp observation when thinking and put ourselves in other’s shoes when using public funds, starting to make people convenient from the fundamental. He reminds that civil servants must keep the four elements of the enrichment in mind which includes “public servants, on purpose, in violation of the law and to receive profit” in two stages and sixteen words, making the society better. The speech was spellbinding and informative that all the teachers and students of CPU benefit a lot.

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