CPU Safety Driving Training – Enhance Both Concept and Skills

CPU graduates will serve as entry level law enforcement officials in charge of leading front line officers; therefore, these officials should be equipped with more safety driving concepts than the ordinary. Driving and riding skills are basic requirement in the workplace. Safety driving makes preventable from danger or injury while police officers are on duty or off duty. CPU students possess excellent safety driving knowledge can not only will it prevent casualties from traffic accidents when they are on duty, but it will also protect people’s safety. Most students only experienced general driving skills and common driving concepts. However, tracking down suspects and rescuing crisis require critical skills. Basic skill won’t work in emergency. Enhance student’s safety driving is important and required.

To emphasize the correct driving concepts and controlling skills and to protect CPU students’ safety when on duty and prevent from casualties of traffic accidents, CPU has established safety driving trainings in cars and motorcycles since 2015. Until 2019, total 1062 students accomplished motorcycle trainings, 320 students accomplished car trainings and 298 students accomplished defensive car driving trainings in total. Besides, 20 staff members are selected to attend the basic instructor courses of motorcycle safety driving training, they obtain fruitful outcomes.

CPU has entrusted Hsin-chu Safety Educational Center to conduct safety driving training in 2020. The center will provide two sessions of scooter training, three sessions of defensive car training and two sessions of car training in January. Overall 23, 60 and 18 students participated in the training, respectively. The training will be continuously conducted on weekends from this semester (March to June). After accomplishing the training, most students provide positive feedbacks about the courses. They learned a lot of fresh knowledge and developed correct concepts and skills, enhancing and revising their driving skill in various road conditions training. They are all benefits from special training, and of course they would strongly recommend junior students taking this training in the future.

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