Photo of President Li, Wen-ming

President Li, Wen-ming


  • 44th Term, Central Police College ( Now - Central Police University ) BA Degree in Police Administration
  • Central Police University MA Degree in Police Administration


  • Second-lieutenant, Miaoli County Police Bureau
  • Officer, Miaoli County Police Bureau
  • Captain, Special Police Brigade, Nantou County Police Bureau
  • Chief, Dongshi Township Household Registration Office
  • Chief, Xikou Township Household Registration Office
  • Chief, Meishan Township Household Registration Office
  • Director, Jhongpu Police Precinct, Chiayi County Police Bureau
  • Director, Shueishang Police Precinct, Chiayi County Police Bureau
  • Secretary, Criminal Investigation Bureau
  • Instructor, Department of Criminal Investigation, Taiwan Police College
  • Chief, Research and Evaluation Office, Taiwan Provincial Government Police Administration
  • Senior Executive Officer, Chief Secretary, National Police Agency
  • Chief, Secretariat, National Police Agency
  • Commissioner, Miaoli County Police Bureau
  • Director, Public Order Division, National Police Agency
  • Commissioner, Taoyuan County Police Bureau(Before the Taoyuan County was upgraded)
  • Assistant Director-General, National Police Agency
  • Commissioner,Taoyuan County Police Bureau ( the quasi-municipal status )
  • Commissioner,Taoyuan Police Department

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