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Academic Departments

Tel: 886-3-3282321 Fax: 886-3-3284118
* College of Justice Administration (ext.4904)
* College of Police Science and Technology (ext.5003)
* Dept. of Administration Police(ext.4206)
* Dept. of Public Security (ext.4266)
* Dept. of Crime Prevention and Corrections (ext.4276)
* Dept. of Foreign Affairs Police (ext.4301)
* Dept. of Border Police (ext.4303)
* Dept. of Administrative Management (ext.4610)
* Dept. of Law (ext.4371)
* Dept. of Criminal Investigation (ext.5021)
* Dept. of Fire Science (ext.4652)
* Dept. of Traffic Science (ext.4291)
* Dept. of Information Management (ext.4223)
* Dept. of Forensic Science (ext. 5041)

* Dept. of Maritime Police (ext.4308)
* Graduate School of Disaster Management (ext.4845)
* General Education Center (ext.4799)