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Welcome National Security Minister of Saint Lucia to visit CPU

Saint Lucia is one of ROC’s diplomatic relations countries, located in North America and Central and South America. Colonized by the United Kingdom from 17th to 19th century, and its justice and politics systems are deeply influenced by the UK. With a population of 178,000, Saint Lucia is mainly based on black culture, mostly Catholics and speak English.

Allied as the diplomatic relations country since 2007 and established its first embassy in Asia here, Saint Lucia consistently keeps close relationships with ROC. CPU has also admitted Mr. Montie Tell, a high-ranking police officer from Saint Lucia, to study in Ph.D. programs in the Department of Crime Prevention and Correction.

Arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 26, 2019, the National Security Minister of Saint Lucia, Hermangild Francis, and the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ricky Quilan visited CPU to meet Vice-president Chuang, Te-sen, and to reinforce the cooperation for mutual police educations.

Royal Saint Lucia Police Band visited CPU to have a musical interflow with CPU Symphonic Band last year, which opened the interactions mutually. During this visit, Minister Francis, who was a royal police officer before, showed his high gratitude to CPU’s reception and was thankful for Mr. Tell’s academic and living support in CPU.

Minister Francis also suggested Vice-president Chuang to have more Saint Lucia police officers to study in CPU’s master and Ph.D. programs in forensic technology and crime investigation. Vice-president Chuang mentioned that all the foreigners through MOFA system with adequate Chinese skills are qualified to study in CPU. We sincerely welcome Saint Lucia to select excellent police officers to study in CPU through MOFA’s assistance.

After the 20-minute meeting, accompanied by CPU’s staff and Mr. Mortie Tell, they visited the exhibition room of the Investigative and Forensic Technology Building, Judo training courses and World Police Museum.

Minister Francis is deeply interested in investigative and forensic classes as well as technical training courses, especially when visiting the Judo class. He urged Mr. Mortie Tell to take Judo course because it is useful for strengthening the training of policing skills in Saint Lucia.