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Lively Opening of CPU’s 38th Sports Day

CPU’s 38th Sports Day took place on November 15th, 2019, hosted by the minister of Ministry of the Interior, Hsu Kuo-yung. Full of joyfulness, Students of CPU showed their brilliant creativities by playing roles of various themes and entering the playground in the way of the carnival one by one. Minister Hsu mentioned that the police are not only equipped with professional knowledge but also strong physiques. The competition of tug-of-war is meant to enhance more team spirit. He also expected all the participants can present their strengths and pursue their team honors.

Minister Hsu mentioned that since he took the position of the minister of Ministry of the Interior, he has attended CPU’s anniversary, graduation ceremony and sports day. He was especially impressed with the competition of tug-of-war last year because it is a team contest that includes the efforts of students cheering at the side of the field. Not only does it have to aggregate team spirits but also test cohesion and chemistry. Just in a few minutes, they tug the rope and work as one, fighting for the same goal. The pursuit of team honors is what CPU’s core value is and the belief which every future order cadre should persist in.

Minister Hsu was also recognized CPU’s students who created new records in National Intercollegiate Athletic Games currently. This year, by breaking school records in 6 sports events and 9 person-times, students were awarded 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 7 bronze medals and won the championship of men’s team in track and field. These extraordinary performances are precisely the achievement of CPU ordinary training, it is a great memory of cherish life in CPU.

Minister Hsu emphasized that the government is the strongest backup of police. Recently, new police uniform has been released, police vehicles are upgraded. Police officer has medical care as well as military. Equipment of Highway Police is enhanced so as to let on duty officer without worries.

Minister Hsu also fired the warning shot for the finals of tug-of-war and launched the following events. CPU mentioned that more than 2000 guests including teachers and students attended the Sports Day. Among the honored guests, the Chairman of Police Alumni Association He Nuan-xuan has sponsored the Sports Day NT$ 100,000 for 5 years continuously. He takes care of his junior schoolmates with practical actions, giving the best support for every student to fight in the contests.