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Welcome the Visit of CPU US West Alumni Association

Director of CPU US West Alumni Association, Chi-sen Cheng (Second-lieutenant 4th class), the deputy directors, Yi Chao (Bachelor 36th class) and Sung-lin Yang (Bachelor 41st class), the secretary, Hung-ming Chen (Bachelor 41st class), the couple of Mr. and Mrs. Wei-ping Chen (Bachelor 36th class) and the division leader of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco, Su-lan Chen (Bachelor 47th class) visited President Li and to know the current development of CPU on January 13, 2020.

These dignitary CPU alumni have lived in America for a long time with distinguished achievements. Director Cheng, as the 4th outstanding alumni, is held in high esteem by others for his wholeheartedly serving and enthusiasm for those alumni residing in the US.

While visiting President Li, Director Cheng mentioned the history of CPU’s relocation and his study and working experience. CPU in Taiwan was first established on Aiguo E. Rd. and then moved Guangzhou St. He also talked about serving the Chinese communities and alumni. President Li also shared his first impression of CPU’s current location and his working experience in several agencies. Director Cheng even donated $3000 USD as funds of the CPU Alumni Association.

President Li not only provided ceremonial guard and accessories to response annual celebrations for Chinese Community of North California San Francisco, but also promised to provide helmet and university flag. After the meeting, dignitaries toured World Police Museum, new-established Science Building, and the new student dormitory You-Yi Building.