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Report on Responding to Constitutional Interpretations No.760 in CPU – Registration of Police Sergeant Class Category 4 Batch 1 and Response Measures for COVID-19

In order to respond the severe situation caused by COVID-19 and epidemic prevention, not only does Ministry of Education declares that institutions of higher education and secondary and primary schools are postponed the new semester on February 25, 2020, but many assemblies and activities are also canceled or deferred since the beginning of this year. And for CPU, which is in charge of cultivating police officers, it is a great challenge.

To be in line with national epidemic prevention policies, CPU’s president, Li Wen-ming, has called many meetings regarding epidemic prevention, in particular, to plan and decide the opening date for the spring semester, which is postponed from February 11 to March 2. The students already trained in the CPU Extended Education Training Center would continue their courses on planned schedule. Increasing various response measures are mandatory, such as taking temperatures every morning and night, canceling assemblies, wearing facial masks in classes and strengthening disinfection of environment. Police Sergeant Class Category 4 Batch1 postponed their registration from February 17 to March 2, so as to relieve the influence caused by the epidemic.

In response to the Constitutional Interpretations No.760 on January 26 in 2018, CPU has planned a 4-mouth training for the Police Sergeant Class Category 4 (Category 4) under the instructions of the Ministry of Interior and the National Police Agency. This 4-mouth training includes 2 months of academic courses and 2 months of an internship at practical offices. Starting from July 23, 2018 to February 2022, 13 training batches are planned and scheduled for 6000 police officers, firefighters and coastguards, who have passed “Grade-Three Special Exam” before 2010 but without CPU’s degree. Currently, 6 batches, a total of 1933 cadets, already accomplished their academic and practical training.

Police Sergeant Class 40 and Firefighter Sergeant Class 24 of Category 4 Batch 1 have started their training since March 2, 2020. A total of 493 cadets has completed the registration, including 388 of policemen and 105 of firefighters at the average age of 49, with 28 years of working experience, starting 3 days of opening activities. Enhancing the response measures is considered to be a priority during the training courses. In addition to temperature-taking before entering the gate of CPU, students need to provide their contact and travel history, and fill out the epidemic prevention evaluating form (TOCC). Large-scale activities including the assembly of opening ceremony have been cancelled. Staff members and cadets have to take daily temperatures on time and report back for management, wash their hands constantly, and wear facial masks while taking courses in classrooms as well as disinfection of microphones, power switches of light and door handles. Seating arrangement in classrooms are rearranged and students need to take the epidemic prevention educational courses. They are forbidden to talk when having meals and are encouraged to bring the food back to the dormitory to decrease the risks of group infection.

At present, the cadets of Category 4 have been in school for 3 weeks and everything has gone smoothly. Although they are elder compared to most of the students in CPU, they cherish the hard-earned chances of advanced studies. Students have worked hard in classes. They interact closely with teachers and do their duties, winning all the praise and recognition. Perhaps it’s an eventful year due to the spreading of COVID-19, CPU is still apprehensive and careful as if treading on thin ice. It is expected that CPU could accomplish the educational training of every category and class as scheduled in this unquiet year and raise excellent police officers who live up to our nationals’ expectations for the country as usual.