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CPU Has Arranged off-site Workplaces as Advance Deployment Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

off-site work
working from home
Managing employee attendance

The COVID-19 epidemic has worsened rapidly in the global. Although Taiwan is still in control due to the government’s strict policies, it is essential to respond to the epidemic in advance without any delay while facing a fast-changing situation.

CPU has simulated off-site work on 19th and 26th of March, and the actual drill for work from home on 31rd of March. It is to make sure to avoid from possible problems.

There were 62 faculty members participated the drill of off-site work located on campus in different building and different floors. There are eight work places in total, 34 percent of stationing rate. The testing points including environmental facility condition, information system, documentation and meal service distribution. The vice president and supervisors checked each point one by one making and ensure everything is well prepared.

One of faculty members from different sections was selected to join the drill of working from home. Selected faculty member used home system connecting to school system including attendance system, Information System and urgent condition report etc. Their directors were in charge of supervising checking point.

The vice-president, Chuang, Te-sen points out that CPU should be well prepared for any kind of risks that might be brought from the virus. He also quotes the story of Noah’s Ark, explaining the concept of the preparation for working off-site and working from home. With the efficient plans of personnel working and adapting, CPU expects to achieve the double goals of nonstop-course and nonstop-service.